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"Realities portrayed" by Xavier Serra de Rivera in La Galeria

"Realities portrayed" by Xavier Serra de Rivera in La Galeria
bonart sant cugat del vallès - 28/02/22

The Gallery opens on March 4 at 7 p.m. the exhibition Realities portrayed by Xavier Serra de Rivera. The painter Xavier Serra de Rivera presents a selection of his latest production with some thirty oils on canvas or cardboard that make up his second solo exhibition at La GaLeRia in Sant Cugat.

This year's exhibition includes significant pieces of its most characteristic themes: the still life, the model, the portrait and the landscape - and this time they are interiors made during the moments of the forced confinement of the current pandemic. Entitled "Portrayed Realities", the artist brings us characters, still lifes, objects, corners and scenes from his home that at some point have caught his attention and have become genuine portraits of reality within his reach. His contemplation provokes a transversal look that challenges the viewer ―his memory and experience― and invites him to participate in the discovery.

Xavier Serra de Rivera (Sant Joan Despí, 1946) is one of the most renowned painters of contemporary Catalan figuration. He became known in the seventies as one of the members of the Generation of the 60's who promoted the New Figuration at the height of Informalism. Then imagination and idea had a great weight in his work, which showed points of contact with surrealist and metaphysical painting. Since the end of the eighties, his source of inspiration has become reality itself, where he discovers the mystery that he had always pursued.

Some of his works are part of prestigious private and public collections - such as those of Lluís Bassat, Gelonch Viladegut, the Center Pompidou in Paris or the MACBA in Barcelona. In 2010, the Vilacasas Foundation presented the Serra de Rivera retrospective exhibition. Portrait and time that he collected his activity as a portraitist, in which the paintings of a good number of personalities of the Catalan society and culture stand out ―like Anna M. Birulés, (ex-Minister of Science and Technology); Isidre Fainé (former President of CaixaBank), Josep Munné (former Director of the Port of Barcelona Consortium) or Ramon Pascual (former President of the Barcelona Academy of Sciences and Arts).

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