The Sala Parés hosts "Art Singular" by the Josep Santacreu Foundation

The Sala Parés hosts "Art Singular" by the Josep Santacreu Foundation
bonart barcelona - 17/02/22

From 16 to 19 February, the Josep Santacreu Foundation is presenting the 100% unique exhibition at the Sala Parés in Barcelona. This is an exhibition of the 16 finalist works, among others, of the competition that the Foundation organized to illustrate the artisanal chocolate boxes of the Casa Dalmases Foundation. The jury - composed by Sebas Rosselló, director of the Galería Alegría; Cristina Sampere, artist and director of the Setba Foundation; Carles Guerra, art critic and subject matter expert; Belén Jurschik, director of the Casa Dalmases Foundation; and Eva Calatayud, director and promoter of the artSingular® platform - selected the 16 finalists from the 40 applications from 9 social organizations in Catalonia that were submitted to the competition.

For the first time, artists on the artSingular® platform have the opportunity to exhibit their works in the most historic art gallery in Catalonia, the Sala Parés. Joan Antonio Maragall, owner of the gallery, welcomes this exhibition with great expectation and with the desire to normalize the art created by these unique artists and also with some curiosity: “It will be very interesting to see how the clients of the Gallery receive this exhibition "I think it will surprise us all," says Maragall.

The artists selected for the Sala Parés exhibition work in the art workshops of: Fundació Estimia, Fundació Catalana de Paràlisi Cerebral, Fundació Catalana de Síndrome de Down de Barcelona, Asociació Alba de Tàrrega and Fundació Ampans de Manresa.

Since its inception in 2018, the Josep Santacreu Foundation has sought the complicity of the Contemporary Art sector and has always had it by its side. In the activities of the foundation, as much in the assembly of the exhibitions, as in the contests, the selection of work, or the formation, go accompanied of the hand of the professionals of the sector. His artSingular® project has been very well received and endorsed by gallery owners, curators, curators, cultural managers, artists, directors of trade fairs, museums and art centers.


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