"The Narrow Street" of Mexico City: From the Work Gallery, to the Barragán House

Instal·lació d'escultòrica d'Antonio Vega Macotela
"The Narrow Street" of Mexico City: From the Work Gallery, to the Barragán House

Mexico is an extraordinary country. Aside from all the negative issues that continually come up in the media and the citizens themselves have to endure often, it continues to be an extraordinary country. As the artist Darío Escobar commented to me, after a visit in his studio, "you have the first world and the third world constantly relating and confronting each other". Mexico's relations with Catalonia and Spain have been constant, with all the chiaroscuros we know and do not know. The last great bond was the republican exile of preclear minds to that country, which knew how to take advantage of them very well; it seems that now the thing is the other way around.
The first person to tell me about all this was the late friend and transdisciplinary artist -when the word did not yet exist- Carles Fontserè. The author, known as a poster artist, worked with Cantinflas, among others, and became acquainted with Frida Kahlo through her artist friend Josep Bartolí; another Catalan republican exile who was also a lover of the Mexican. Among the first-rate personality ties we also find in Remedios Varo, the Mexican artist born in the municipality of Anglès.
But back to the present, this editorial wants to be a small taste of a denser article that I will publish next week on the whole relationship ecosystem about a country that never ends. My last trip to see the ZONAMACO fair in Mexico City, among other unknown places, took me to a narrow street -Francisco Ramírez-, like the one in the legendary novel by Josep Pla, where there is almost a whole world that catches you: the Casa-taller Barragán , one of the most interesting architects not only in Mexico but also internationally, and a gallery, Labor , directed by the Barcelona-based Llum (Luz) Massot, delights the contemporaneity in an atmosphere with groundbreaking proposals such as those of Antonio Vega Macotela, Clàudia Gutiérrez Marfull or Héctor Zamora. An intense week where the everyday seduces you with a contrast and while you can go drinking "kisses" the tequila or mezcal of a welcoming society, which explodes with creativity.


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