Elvira Dyangani Ose presents the MACBA 2022 program

Elvira Dyangani Ose presents the MACBA 2022 program
bonart barcelona - 15/02/22

Elvira Dyangani Ose has presented the reorganization of the MACBA program for 2022, six months after she was elected director of the museum. During these months of contact with the city and the institution, it has begun the movements in order to lay the foundations that will allow it to deploy its ambitious program for the coming years, a period in which the MACBA will grow in all the senses. In order to achieve this exciting challenge for both the museum and Barcelona, it is holding meetings and conversations with all the people, groups and institutions surrounding the life of the MACBA taking the pulse of the city. An active internal and external listening exercise that has begun with the team and the cultural agents that make up the various MACBA communities.

An example of this is the El Museu Possible project, which, under the guidance of Goldsmiths theorist and professor Yaiza Hernández, will involve all the people who carry out the work - not always visible - that surrounds museum life. An exercise that reflects in depth on the dynamics established to subvert and optimize them, which will allow you to face the future challenges of the museum and extend your hand to everyone who wants to be a participant and have their say, and will translate into a public program in the coming months. A project that seeks to temporarily interrupt the flow of production to denature the habits and norms that have ceased to be questioned and allow the exercise of thinking collectively about other possible ways of doing things. A work by and for the MACBA community and for those who do not yet feel part of it, which will interrogate the institutional boundaries to think collectively about the museum of tomorrow.

A first step in this direction is the renovation of the presentation of the MACBA Collection on the first floor of the Meier building, which includes an installation by Josep Grau Garriga in the tower room. A new staging that shuns the chronological narrative and, instead of expanding on existing lines and narratives, emphasizes new acquisitions. Poetics and politics enter into a dialogue that reflects on the inherent relationships between the work of art and its context, the work of art and the subjects around it, the work of art and the material culture that generates. In the summer you can enjoy a first taste of this new way of doing things with a sample of the funds that will invite you to immerse yourself in some of the aesthetic practices that have not yet had the opportunity to participate in the narratives of the Museum. Works by Lúa Coderch, Ignasi Aballí, Dora García, Mirtha Dermisache, Albert Serra, Mar Arza, Rosângela Rennó and Concha Jerez, among others, will be on display.

Closely linked to this new way of looking at public artistic heritage and open collaboration in institutional reflection, we find a new advisory committee with five new members: Jessica Morgan, director “Nathalie of Gunzburg,” Day Art Foundation; Naomi Beckwith, Deputy Director and Chief Curator of Jennifer and David Stockman, Guggenheim Museum, New York; Pablo Lafuente, co-artistic director of the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro; Shumon Basar, architect and writer and member of the Thought Council, Fondazione Prada, London; and Martí Manen, director of Index - The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation, Stockholm; in addition to Chris Dercon, president of Réunion des musées nationaux - Grand Palais in Paris, who remains a member of the commission. Not only are the members and their profiles renewed, but the tasks they will carry out will transcend the advice on the acquisition of works. From now on, they will form a team, with a three-year renewable commitment, with the museum's director and team, and become MACBA ambassadors around the world. His approach to the museum will contribute to providing an external look and a holistic approach to the whole program of activities, exhibitions, collections, donations ...

Elvira Dyangani Ose presents the MACBA 2022 program Teresa Lanceta. Els oficis del Raval, 2019-2020. @Nicolás Malevéeta,

The exhibition schedule has been readjusted. Monographic exhibitions dedicated to Teresa Lanceta and Cinthia Marcelle will take place during the first half of the year. Weaving as open source presents the work of Teresa Lanceta (Barcelona, 1951) through the widest selection of works by the artist to date. From the Middle Atlas to the Raval, its particular universe unfolds along a visual, sound and haptic journey that refers to a trajectory that is always shared. The exhibition is a co-production with IVAM curated by its director, Nuria Enguita, and Laura Vallés Vílchez. Cinthia Marcelle. A combination of factors will be the first monographic exhibition of this internationally recognized artist for his film work, of great visual impact, and for his powerful large-scale installations; the exhibition will bring together works from the last two decades. In the autumn, the María Teresa Hincapié exhibition will arrive in Barcelona. If this were a principle of infinity , a co-production between the MAMM (Museum of Modern Art of Medellin) and the MACBA. It is the first exhibition dedicated to Hincapié (1954-2008), a key Colombian artist in the art scene of the eighties and nineties in Colombia. María Teresa Hincapié had a particular definition of performance, which she used to call "training". Far from any specific categorization, his practice ranged from life, creation in motion, and an approach to mysticism. The exploration of everyday life and the transformation of routine actions into symbolic acts created a methodology both in their practice and in their ethical and political understanding.

In the fall, the MACBA Chapel will host the fascinating video installation Lincoln, Lonnie and Me - A Story in 5 Parts by African-American artist Carrie Mae Weems, to whom the KBr photography center of the MAPFRE Foundation and Foto Colectania are dedicating an exhibition. curated by Elvira Dyangani Ose, which covers the trajectory of Weems. For four decades now, this artist has anticipated recurring issues today such as class struggles, political representation, the presence of women in popular art and culture, and criticism of a structural racism that the triumph of the civil rights movement in the United States has failed to dismantle.

Ayuujkjä'äy Ëy Konk will also perform during the fall. A fable based on a mixe myth , a project by Mariana Botey that approaches the legend of Kondoy from various fronts and under various categories through documentary, bibliographic, iconographic research, fieldwork and artistic interventions. The project, co-produced with the Hacer Noche Festival in Oaxaca, is built around the notion of indigenisms and neo-Indianisms towards a theoretical reformulation of transindigenisms as catalysts of modern and contemporary art in the Americas.

The MACBA Chapel, the Convent Hall and the MACBA Study and Documentation Center will be transformed into an archive laboratory in which the 27th edition of the International Symposium on Electronic Art will be hosted ( ISEA2022 , 10-16 June) , promoted by the UOC Universitat Oberta de Catalunya and with the collaboration of Barcelona City Council, the CCCB, the Arts Santa Mònica and the New Art Foundation. From June to September, a specific exhibition will be opened in the Chapel and a project by Zahia Rahmani will be presented at the Center for the Study and Documentation of Seismography of Struggles, which brings together nearly eight hundred non-European critical and cultural periodicals. others from the African, Indian, Caribbean, Asian, and South American diaspora - which followed in the footsteps of revolutionary movements from the late 18th century to 1989, a turning point marked by fall of the Berlin Wall. These publications give voice to the critical resistance of peoples who have suffered from colonialism, slavery, apartheid and genocide. It also includes publications from other peoples who have experienced violent dictatorships, as well as brutal political and cultural revolts.

Finally, the PEI Independent Studies Program will have a renewed edition in early 2023 under the direction of artist and curator Kader Attia; the philosopher, writer, publisher, cultural critic and curator Max Jorge Hinderer Cruz, director of the Akademie der Künste der Welt in Cologne; and Elvira Dyangani Ose, director of the MACBA.


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