Laetitia Tura, "They Leave Me in Exile" at the Museum of Exile

Laetitia Tura, "They Leave Me in Exile" at the Museum of Exile
bonart la jonquera - 25/01/22

The MUME. Exile Memorial Museum opens the exhibition on January 29 with the participation of photographer Laetitia Tura, They leave me in exile. Laetitia Tura carries out work between France and Spain on the memory of exile and state violence.

The title of the exhibition comes from the verse "Me dejan el destierro", from the poem Un español habla de su tierra by Luis Cernuda, 1939.

"Eighty years after the start of the Civil War, the story of the vanquished is still to be rehabilitated. Since they are not recorded in the collective memory, the memories of the Spanish exile take on more insidious forms, halfway between amnesia and excessive discourse, so I trace the layers of a narrative that is drawn between silence and political mythology, and this work does not seek scientific objectivity but to restore a form that takes into account the process of memorial construction ", explains Laetitia Tura.

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