Seismograph 2022 is preparing for its fourteenth edition

Seismograph 2022 is preparing for its fourteenth edition
bonart olot - 22/01/22

The Olot Seismograph Festival, which will take place from 7 to 10 April, will focus on body-related creation, beyond the dance category under the motto "the festival that detects the movement of the body and the planet ".

The Seismograph claims its uniqueness and at the same time opens up to the world with all its complexity. Artistic programming wants to give voice to the social, environmental and relational challenges of our society. The Seismograph 2022 proposes three challenges from which the festival is built and designed, both in terms of artistic programming and in terms of all internal management: social challenges (gender, migration, issues of identity), the challenge environmental (globalization, energy, climate crisis) and the relational challenge (how we live together and relate to other living things). With these three challenges on the horizon, the Seismograph will be a festival made for the public and with a much more international look.

The Seismograph has released the first shows to be seen next April: international artists, social issues and ecology.

In Nebula, the Brazilian Vania Vaneau (Compagnie Arrangement Provisoire) will address the human body-nature relationship in a post-apocalyptic context. An archeology of the future to reveal the original state of the elements, create healing rituals, fertilize the space and explore notions of catharsis and ecstasy. A solo, with the collaboration of visual artist and stage designer Célia Gondol, which will take place in the crater of the Montsacopa volcano.

In Runa, Amer Kabbani will present an autofictional piece of contemporary circus that questions the absurdity of territorial borders and human conflicts. A dialogue with objects (rubble), body and sound to delve into concepts such as identity, family and geopolitical boundaries.

With Bark, the company Acting for Climate will come from Norway to Olot by bike to present an aerial and circus dance show where the trees will be part of the piece inviting a collective reflection between the forest, the audience and five artists. A collaboration of the festival with the European project Perform Europe.

In addition, the Dance Itinerary at the Parc Nou, which has been consolidated throughout the various editions of the Seismograph as one of the star activities, one of the most emblematic and popular of the festival, is maintained this year under the name of Parc New in Motion. A living arts itinerary in which a total of five companies will present their pieces in various outdoor spaces of this urban park and which will take place, as every year, on Sunday.


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