'Artists, tools and territory...' by Salvador Juanpere at Vila-Seca Castle

The exhibition brings together a set of works belonging to different periods and formal conceptions which, installed in the replicas of time, draw a unique journey, which goes from the origins to the work of the days in the workshop and the work of the creators whom Salvador Juanpere has admired

'Artists, tools and territory...' by Salvador Juanpere at Vila-Seca Castle

The Vila Casas Foundation , in collaboration with Vila-Seca City Council, presents the exhibition D'artistes, eines i territori... by Salvador Juanpere (Vilaplana, Tarragona, 1953), an exhibition that is conceived as a tribute to the most latent and invisible aspect of sculpture from an intimate, personal and honest side that aspires to illuminate the artistic practice of a 21st century sculptor. The exhibition can be visited from July 2, 2024 to February 23, 2025.

Salvador Juanpere, an artist who began his career in the eighties clearly influenced by minimalist and poor art, stated in 2008 that "every construction of a work of creation is the celebration of the journey". Thus, his work places the focus on the process of creation. A process that involves recognition and admiration for the great masters of the past and for the artistic tradition of which he is heir and which has inspired him throughout his professional career.

The exhibition D'artistes, eines i territori..., curated by Natàlia Chocarro , is divided into three areas - (Plant), F(eina) and Es(culture) - which constitute a journey through the consciousness of Salvador Juanpere as an artist who dialogues with the past and with the sculptor's own practice to try to respond to the artistic contemporaneity of our times.

In the first space entitled (LLAVOR)AR, we find works that show us the close relationship between nature that the artist has seen since he was a child and all the artistic dimension that he has inherited from tradition and that has shaped him as a sculptor

The honesty and intimacy with which he approaches his creations and reflections on what the artist's work is is just as evident here as in the following blog entitled F(EINA). In this second space, the work of the sculptor and the horizon of possibilities of a work become the center. The process is therefore the final work.

Artistic practice is, therefore, manual and intellectual work at the same time. In the third and last space, ES(CULTURE), the works exemplify these two dimensions. Juanpere recovers, once again, the masters of the past and dialogues with their works marking them with text.

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