The third edition of Contemporary Art Now concludes

Entre les galeries que participaran per primera vegada en aquesta edició hi ha Continua, amb seus a París, Pequín o l'Havana, la prestigiosa AKIINOUE de Tòquio, i Moisés Pérez d'Albéniz de Madrid

The third edition of Contemporary Art Now concludes
Júlia Abad ibiza - 01/07/24

The island of Ibiza has become a point of reference for contemporary art at the beginning of the summer equinox, with the celebration of the long-awaited CAN ART art fair, which was held from 26 to June 30, 2024. This annual event brings together artists, collectors and art lovers from around the world to enjoy visual effects at this fair. It is located in an idyllic setting with the Mediterranean Sea in the background.

The third edition of Contemporary Art Now concludes

The CAN ART fair exhibits a repertoire of works that include painting, sculpture and ceramics. Visitors were able to experience the latest trends in the world of contemporary art and meet new creative voices. Both local and international artists display their works with pride, each one telling its own story and evoking a range of emotions in those who contemplate it.

We have everything from abstract pieces that challenge perception to interactive installations. In addition to the works on display, the fair offered talks, workshops and events that have made it possible to navigate even further in the world of contemporary art. Visitors were able to meet some of the artists and interact with them, thus understanding their creative processes and learning about the inspiration behind each of their works.

The third edition of Contemporary Art Now concludes

The director of the CANT ART fair, Sergio Sancho, has explained to bonart how he made the decision to hold an art fair on the island of Ibiza. This project started three years ago and it was with the hope of being able to bring culture to the island, since it has been eaten up by the party. He himself tells us that he wants more culture in this magnificent place in the Mediterranean. Within the selection of galleries and artists, curated by Sasa Bogojev, the visitor can see the work of 120 artists, hosted in 35 galleries. Sancho tells us about the evolution of pictorial styles at the fair. In its beginnings, figuration predominated, while this year abstraction and other proposals such as ceramics and sculpture stand out. It is difficult to single out one artist, as the set of all the proposals gives meaning and empowers the fair. To conclude, we rescue the word of the director of the fair with which he defines CAN ART: energy.

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