'Boca-Bola': Ariadna Parreu's sculptures fill the temporary exhibition hall of the MAMT

Parreu investiga els absurds de la quotidianitat per a tractar de resoldre qüestions metafísiques impossibles, absurdes en sí mateixes, o críptiques com la plàstica i les arts

'Boca-Bola': Ariadna Parreu's sculptures fill the temporary exhibition hall of the MAMT
bonart tarragona - 31/05/24

Suspended in the air, resting on the ground, hanging on the wall... Different supports for always surprising sculptures. The artist Ariadna Parreu (Reus, 1982) presents until September 1 a dozen works of different sizes and materials in the temporary exhibition hall of the Museum of Modern Art of the Tarragona Municipality (MAMT). The exhibition, called 'Boca-Bola', becomes the central exhibition of this summer in this cultural space of reference in the demarcation.

Boca-Bola was opened to the public this Thursday evening, in an event with the presence of the author and headed by the president of the Provincial Council, Noemí Llauradó, who highlighted the groundbreaking nature of the works, as well as the talent and projection of its author. Many people have been able to see up close the pieces shown by Ariadna Parreu, who already has a large-scale work on display in another room of the MAMT on the occasion of the group exhibition 'Contemporary Artists', which can be visited throughout this year 2024.

Ariadna Parreu is a visual artist and teacher in Art Theory and History. He graduated in Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona. His work has been awarded and exhibited at the InJuve Awards for Young Creation in Madrid, at the Valls Guasch-Coranty Biennial, at BIAM Amposta, at Residencia HANGAR, or at La Capella as part of Bcn Production, among others .

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