'Atmosferes Futures' reactivates the 125th anniversary of Apelles Fenosa

Throughout 2023, the museum has started a new phase with the direction of Nekane Aramburu, who has started a renovation of the facilities and the museographic approaches

'Atmosferes Futures' reactivates the 125th anniversary of Apelles Fenosa
bonart the vendrell - 22/04/24

The Apel·les Fenosa Museum in Vendrell (Tarragona) is launching, for the first time, an exhibition project that unites the heritage located in the museum with contemporary art proposals as an expansive action and new forms of mediation.

Atmosferes futures is part of the impetus that in 2024 entails the celebration of the 125th anniversary of the birth of the sculptor Apel·les Fenosa (Barcelona on May 16, 1899), as well as the 100th anniversary of his first exhibition in Paris at the Galerie Pierre Mercier.

The exhibition, which can be visited until October 13, 2024, proposes new approaches to Fenosa's work, based on new curatorial criteria that extend through the facilities of the Foundation's headquarters in El Vendrell , a Renaissance palace that makes it possible to include the garden and the porch on the first floor in the exhibition tour.

'Atmosferes Futures' reactivates the 125th anniversary of Apelles Fenosa

As a curatorial axis, a leap in between is proposed, from the future to the past. At the threshold of the domain of computing and algorithms, visionary proposals survive that in previous centuries posed the human enigmas of the times to come. Between dystopia and the intuition of temporal spaces and vortexes that jump between the future and the past and vice versa, it is possible to generate new relational forms from the institution-museum. Although Fenosa was a creator forged in the classical currents and immersed in the avant-garde circuits of Paris since the 20s, his trajectory departed from these stylistic currents to develop a creative system away from circuits and fashions. Fenosa was very close to the values of nature and concern for the environment and, in addition, he suffered very closely some of the worst wars of the 10th century, which is perceived in his peculiar universe.

In the film La jetée by Chris Marker (1962), a man returns from the future to experience his own death before the eyes of the child he once was. The project sustains a dialogue between Fenosa's work and contemporary artists who are also signified by common concerns: Fabiana Barreda, Anna Dot, Joaquín Jara, Eduardo Kac, Lugán, Michael Najjar, Marina Núñez, Saioa Olmo, Perejaume, Marcel Pey and Map Rivera.

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