Espai Cavallers Gallery presents 'Woman and Earth'

'Dona terra', a visual and reflective experience about women and nature, can be visited until April 13, 2024

Espai Cavallers Gallery presents 'Woman and Earth'
bonart lleida - 18/03/24

Espai Cavallers Gallery continues its commitment to display the work of female artists with the now traditional exhibition of female artists. The gallery opened last March 8 the exhibition Dona i Terra with the participation of artists from the Galeria Espai Cavallers: Sònia Alins, Alexandra Balaguer, Lily Brick, Lita Cabellut, Olga Cortadelles, Tamara Dahlke, Elsa Garate, Carole Puéo , Palmira Rius, Aurembiaix Sabaté, Anna Terricabras and Mireia Serra.

In this exhibition project, each of them has invited an artist, not a regular at the gallery, to have a dialogue with her own work and enrich the concept of the exhibition through her perspective. On the one hand, this exhibition aims to be a visual and reflective experience where we want to explore the intersection between women's creativity and their connection with nature, that is to say, the harmonious relationship between artistic expression, femininity and land; femininity in relation to nature through painting, sculpture, "street art" and fabric, which will show us the harmony with natural environments, highlighting the beauty and strength of both.

On the other hand, it wants to show its concern for the climate emergency and the unequal human/nature relationship with the desire that through female art a unique platform is provided to express the complexity of the relationship between women and the climate emergency, creating awareness and encouraging positive action.

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