The world of art in Madrid. ARCOmadrid 2024

The 43rd edition of the International Contemporary Art Fair will be held from March 6 to 10 at IFEMA MADRID with the participation of 205 galleries from 36 countries.

The world of art in Madrid. ARCOmadrid 2024
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ARCOmadrid, organized by IFEMA MADRID, celebrates its 43rd edition from March 6 to 10. The fair will show the current international art scene in a broad dialogue with Spanish art.

ARCOmadrid will count on the presence of new international galleries that confirm ARCOmadrid's role as a point of reference for the visibility and exploration of artists, as well as for promoting an active market and enhancing knowledge around art. ARCO, next to the city of Madrid, will focus the attention of galleries, artists, collectors, curators and other professionals, institutions, museums and art centers from all over the world and will constitute a unique experience for all visitors .

A total of 205 galleries from 36 countries will make Madrid the international capital of contemporary art. On this occasion, 171 galleries make up the General Program, adding the curated sections: the shore, the tide, the current: an oceanic Caribbean, with 19 galleries; opening New galleries, with 15, and Nunca lo Mismo. Latin American art, with 12 galleries.

The world of art in Madrid. ARCOmadrid 2024

The national representation this year is 35% of the offer through the participation of 73 Spanish galleries. For its part, the international segment rises to 65% –132 galleries–, and of this, nearly 30% is monopolized by the Latin American presence, with the participation of 38 galleries from 13 countries, with a special presence from Argentina , Brazil and Mexico.

ARCOmadrid 2024 artistic program

Among the international galleries participating in the General Program, ARCO welcomes the addition of galleries such as Max Hetzler, Vera Munro, Air de París, Fortes D'aloia & Gabriel, Lévy Gorvy Dayan and Hollybush Gardens. These add to the loyalty of others such as Thaddaeus Ropac, Mai 36, Jocelyn Wolff, Chantal Crousel, Krinzinger, Nächst St.

Galleries such as Capitain Petzel, Société and Chertlüdde, or Mendes Wood Dm, Nicolai Wallner, and Kalfayan Galleries are also putting their trust in the fair. Parallel to the General Program, ARCOmadrid will have three curated sections. It incorporates as a research theme for 2024, the shore, the tide, the current: an oceanic Caribbean that, curated by Carla Acevedo-Yates and Sara Hermann Morera, proposes, based on a careful selection of artists and galleries, a reading of the complex intersection between the land and this sea that is proposed from and towards the shore as a space of exchange and constant instability: "intervene in the discomfort of standing between the liquid and the solid", such as the police stations point out. In a space specially designed by Ignacio G. Galán, Arantza Ozaeta and Álvaro Martín Fidalgo, 19 galleries will participate such as David Castillo, Hutchinson Modern & Contemporary, Monique Meloche, Patró, Praise Shadows Art Gallery, Tern Gallery, Espai Mínim or Helga de Alvear .

opening Noves galleries will once again be the space for discovering new proposals at ARCOmadrid. The selection of Cristina Anglada and Yina Jiménez Suriel will represent the bet of young international gallerism with the participation of 15 galleries such as Artbeat, Blue Velvet, Eins Gallery, Espai Continu, Fermay, Hatch, Remota, Sissi Club and The Space Art Gallery, which they participate for the first time.

The Nunca lo Mismo section. Arte latinoamericano will contribute to strengthening research around Latin American creation and its relationship with all the agents present at the fair. Curated by José Esparza Chong Cuy and Manuela Moscoso, it will be made up of a selection of artists from Latin America from 12 galleries such as A Gentil Carioca, Jaqueline Martins, Vigilgonzales, Isla Flotante, Millan, NASAL and Proyectos Ultravioleta. Added to this are the 28 Artist Projects, presented by 32 galleries, including Peppi Bottrop (Ehrhardt Florez + Meyer Riegger), Laia Abril (Set Espai d'Art), Zila Leutenegger (Peter Kilchmann), Concha Jérez (Freijo), Mónica de Miranda (Carlos Carvalho), Esther Boix (Marc Domènech), Josep Ponsatí (Prats Nogueres Blanchard+Bombon Projects), Carles Congost (House of Chappaz) or Elena Aitzkoa (Rosa Santos).

On the other hand, ArtsLibris will once again be present at ARCOmadrid with more than eighty publishers from twenty countries who will be joined by different presentations of publications in the Arts Libris Speaker's Corner space.

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