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'Dreams of Fatima' by Rosa Brugat at MUME

The exhibition will be open to the public until June 9, 2024

'Dreams of Fatima' by Rosa Brugat at MUME
bonart la jonquera - 22/01/24

On January 20, the Memorial Museum of Exile (MUME) inaugurated the latest work of the visual artist Rosa Brugat Batlle (La Jonquera, 1956).

Rosa Brugat's new exhibition consists of photographs in various formats that reproduce daily life in a small Berber town of 50 inhabitants, located in the vicinity of the Sahara desert. Little Fátima, one of its inhabitants, becomes with her big black eyes the guiding thread that immerses the viewer in the daily life of the village of Tafraoute Sidi Ali, which means "little oasis".

Brugat, an innovator in her artistic concept, has highlighted "the emotional and poetic journey of meeting this village where the children were happy without having anything". Little Fátima and her emotional farewell was for her "the trigger that motivated me to undertake this project".

The exhibition is complemented by an installation of sand and footprints that reproduces the desert itself. Rosa Brugat Batlle is a contemporary multidisciplinary artist who has created works of sculpture, paintings, posters, interior design and digital photography. In recent years, she has focused on creating projects and actions that respond to social problems, and mainly those related to women, using various techniques such as performances, transvestism, photography, video art and installations.

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