The Escola d'art and the Carmen Thyssen Andorra Museum activate new artistic projects

The Escola d'art and the Carmen Thyssen Andorra Museum activate new artistic projects
bonart andorra la vella - 11/12/23

Once again, for the 4th consecutive year, the School of Art and the Carmen Thyssen Andorra Museum are embarking on a new artistic project where students and color are the main protagonists.

This year's proposal is called PIXELKHRÔM and starts from the temporary exhibition offered by the Andorran museum KHRÔMA, the emotional universe of color , which invites us to let ourselves flow through the chromatic suggestion and stimulate our sensitive perception.

Just as the curator of the museum has emphasized the emotional nature of color, the proposal of the School of Art goes further and aims to influence the playful aspect of color, chromaticism taken as an active agent that encourages play . Starting from this playful perspective, we wanted to break with the limits of the individual work, so that each student's work will become a chromatic pixel, which will merge into a vibrant amalgam of colors forming a global work.

In the words of Neus Mola, head of the School of Art: "This year we conceived the exhibition from a completely playful point of view, with a transgressive will and exceeding the limits, inviting the visitor to cross the red line that the separate from the work and allow him the possibility of being able to touch the works, and even change their place! Making him a participant in the final composition of the work, which will always be subject and conditioned to the possible change ".

As every year the students have been inspired by one of the works of the temporary exhibition with two premises to fulfill, the 20 x 20 cm format and the dominant one color, open to all artistic disciplines, where we can find painting, photography, engraving, enamel, ceramics, marquetry and jewellery, a whole range of techniques that enrich the 4 color pixelated panels that make up the students' show, which we will be able to see in a double exhibition, from November 29 to December 21 in the lobby of the La Llacuna Cultural Center and will subsequently be exhibited in the lobby of the Carmen Thyssen Andorra Museum from December 22 to January 7, 2024.

Teresa Areny, head of projects at the Carmen Thyssen Andorra Museum, emphasizes the importance of creating links and synergies between entities that promote art, "in this specific project with the School of Art we open the doors of the museum to the students so that they can create their artistic interpretations and then offer a space to be able to show them, with the desire for the museum to be a living space where everyone has a place."

The collaboration between the two entities begins in 2020 with Reinterpreting Tappert inspired by the work Variété by Georg Tappert, which was part of the temporary exhibition Influencers en l'art. From Van Goyen to Pop Art , the success of that artistic experience led to the continuation of more projects with the desire to encourage the creativity of the students, in 2021 the project Landscape at Risk was presented with a critical view of our natural landscape and contrasting it with idyllic landscape that showed the Talents with Denomination of Origin exhibition. From Rigalt to Puigdengolas , and it took place last year Defrag to create a recreation of a fragment taken from a selected work from the Made in Paris exhibition. The generation of Matisse, Lagar and Foujita , where the interpreted fragment and the original were mirrored in a visual dialectic.


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