'The body as a manifest' by the artist ORLAN in the Hall of Exhibitions of the Government of Andorra

The exhibition gathers a synthesis of his works and will replace the Lita Cabellut exhibition which had to be suspended for technical and agenda reasons

'The body as a manifest' by the artist ORLAN in the Hall of Exhibitions of the Government of Andorra
bonart andorra la vella - 23/11/23

On November 22 from 7 p.m. the Andorran Government Exhibition Hall hosts the opening of the exhibition The Body as a Manifesto by the artist ORLAN.

The exhibition, curated by Rocío Santa Cruz and Ricard Planas Camps, will present some of the themes and formats that the renowned French artist has worked on throughout her career. You can see outstanding works from his beginnings, such as ORLAN accouchant... d'ela doble em aime, videos of the most iconic performances that have placed him as one of the most controversial and vindictive artists of his generation, such as Le artist's kiss, and the most recent series she has produced, The women who cry are angry, a series of hybridizations based on Pablo Picasso's paintings depicting Daura Maar crying, a particular "tribute" of ORLAN to the Spanish artist in the year in which the 50th anniversary of his death is commemorated.

ORLAN is one of the world-renowned personalities who make up the vanguards of the second half of the 20th and 21st centuries, and is known for her works and performances with a strong social critique.

His multidisciplinary approach, which includes photography, sculpture, installation and performance, has made an impact on the art scene that goes beyond visual creations. Through his artistic practice, Orlan has generated debates about the autonomy of the body and the social construction of personal image. His work challenges established paradigms, consolidating his place as a prominent figure in performance art and the avant-garde.

The exhibition can be visited until February 11, 2024.

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