El Bòlit inaugurates 'The Bluebird Call' by Mal Pelo

The Bluebird Call reflexiona sobre la condició del migrant a través de John Berger i recull l’experiència de la companyia establerta a Celrà

El Bòlit inaugurates 'The Bluebird Call' by Mal Pelo
bonart girona - 13/11/23

On October 26, at 7 p.m., the Bòlit. Contemporary Art Center opening of the exhibition The Bluebird Call of the dance company Mal Pelo. Since they presented the Refugi al Bòlit_StNicolau exhibition in 2010, the company had not exhibited in Girona again.

The Bluebird Call is a pamphlet that, on the one hand, reflects on the condition of the migrant through John Berger; and, in addition, it gathers the experience of more than thirty years of career of the company established in Celrà. This creative stage of the group will also take the form of a stage show, at the beginning of December, as part of the Temporada Alta Festival with the show Double infinite. The Bluebird Call.

María Muñoz and Pep Ramis are a group of shared scenic creation who, since 1989, have developed their own artistic language through movement and the creation of dramaturgies that include text, original soundtracks, space construction and unique artefacts. They are, at the same time, a duo and a community.

The exhibition vindicates, on the one hand, this idea of career in a time like the present, in which, more than ever, novelty, "young talent" are rewarded and this gives rise to an obvious shortening of artistic careers . On the other hand, it highlights the system of relationships that Mal Pelo has woven to build a community, which has its physical headquarters at Mas Espolla de Celrà with L'animal a l'esquena but which, in a sentimental way, runs through all these years of company creations and building relationships with creators from different disciplines.

The exhibition thus becomes a place of welcome and refuge, a journey through choral creative universes, which make the collective's personal memory indistinguishable from the gestures, actions, choreographies, tours, crops, pruning, tables, which have been shared.


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