The artist Àngel Jové dies

The artist Àngel Jové dies
bonart girona - 19/10/23

The artist Àngel Jové, born in Lleida in 1940, died this Wednesday in Girona due to a stroke. In 1964, Jové formed the Cogul group, first championing informalism and then pop art. In the mid-sixties, Jové introduced poor art in Catalonia, working with everyday and unconventional materials. At this time he also participated in many of the pioneering events of conceptual art in the country. His work, very experimental, investigated the construction of volumes with basic materials such as cardboard, among others. In the seventies he investigated the different possibilities of photography.

Jové made the first work of video art made in Spain, entitled Primera mort, with fellow artists Antoni Llena, Sílvia Gubern and Jordi Galí between 1969 and 1970, and played leading roles in some of Bigas' first films Luna, such as Bilbao (1978), Caniche (1979) and Angoixa (1986), and designed dozens of covers for the publishing house Anagrama. Likewise, he worked as a scriptwriter and artistic director at TVE and TV3 and did the interior design of the Zeleste nightclub. Throughout his career, Jové has traveled through painting, cinema, installations and design.


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