Sarriart, new cultural center

Sarriart, new cultural center
bonart sarrià de ter - 12/09/23

On September 10, the new Sarriart cultural and musical center was inaugurated by the Sarriart association. During the inaugural event, a series of activities were carried out until midnight by fifteen artists from different disciplines within the art sector. According to the members of the association, the new center will be located in the old building of the company Torraspapel, which is currently owned by the council of Sarrià de Ter and which is located next to the Center of the Cooperative.

The new space includes a total of 9 classrooms for the Sarriart music school, another for plastic arts and an auditorium with a capacity to accommodate approximately 200 people. As for the management team of the new centre, these are: Pau Cullell and Fèlix Parrado, directors of the centre, and Edgar Massegú, who will act as artistic director.

The directors have reported that Sarriart also plans to offer extracurricular music activities to students, both at the high school and at school. On the other hand, on the same day Massegú's new creation, entitled Cor de merda, was inaugurated, which is a sculpture made for this occasion and which is located outside the center. This piece is made with the remains of the materials that have been used in the enabling of the cultural space. Massegú's goal is to establish a creative dialogue between this piece, and the music and edible recreation of the choir.


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