L'Acústica is committed to live music and live podcasts

L'Acústica is committed to live music and live podcasts
bonart figueres - 28/08/23

For the first time, the Acústica de Figueres festival will schedule a stage where there will be no concerts, but live radio shows and podcasts. Specifically, on Friday and Saturday nights between 8:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m., the Figueres public will be able to watch up to six podcasts in Catalan live in Plaça Josep Pla. The event will be presented by Xènia Casado and will feature the performance of Loft and Berta Aroca; School Bus Live Experience driven by Lildami, Joan Grivé, Luara Mateu and Marina Juks; Grau x Grau by Laura and Jenny Grau; Xapa La Ràdio with Pep Gascon, Mario Rodriguez and Marc Ventura; La Bugada led by Jacint Casademont and Última copa with Adrià Giner. On the other hand, iCat's Loft program will present the new season of the Catalan public music station in a live show format. Titled Loft Show, it will be hosted by the two regular presenters of the program, Xènia Casado and Berta Aroca, and will feature some of her collaborators such as Àlex Tous, Nadine Romero or Sofia Coll, among others.

Finally, this new proposal from L'Acústica will also feature local podcasts such as La Bugada, a space hosted by Jacint Casademont that reviews the current affairs of Figueres every week. La Bugada Unplugged, as it will be called, will dedicate a special program to 20 years of Acoustics with a retrospective of the most outstanding news of the first two decades of the 21st century: from the most peculiar musical successes of each year to the events that have changed the story In addition, they will connect live with other scenarios to know what is happening in the present moment. Another "kilometer zero" podcast will be Última Copa by Empordanese Adrià Giner, who invites characters from different backgrounds to have a last drink and get to know each other through music. The guest that Giner will interview live from the festival will be television presenter and reporter Laia Ferrer.


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