FITAG'23 "take to the streets"

FITAG'23 "take to the streets"
bonart girona - 09/08/23

Fitag takes to the streets The Girona International Amateur Theater Festival, FITAG, will take place from August 22nd to 26th in Girona. This year the festival surprises with a special edition that will transform the urban landscape of Girona into a great stage for the performing arts.

In its twenty-third edition, the festival will host the performances of a total of fourteen companies, among which stand out international groups from Poland, Romania, Colombia, Russia and Greece, as well as companies from the peninsula, from Galicia , Andalusia or Murcia, and several Catalan and Girona companies. With this initiative, FITAG consolidates its position as one of the reference festivals in the international amateur theater field.

Among the outstanding international proposals of this edition, we must mention the Greek work Moonlight sonata, which is inspired by the poems of Yannis Ritsos, one of the most important poets of the 20th century in Greece. In addition, in recognition of the importance of the various languages of the peninsula, the festival will present for the first time a play in Galician, Noitebras, performed by the company of Vigo Noitebras Teatro. Likewise, the theater group Casal de Vilafranca will perform an adaptation of the classic Terra Baixa. The work will be subtitled to ensure that the experience is accessible to visitors to the city. As a novelty, there will be a new scenic space, located in front of the House of Culture, which has been named Envelat. It will be the seat of the festival and will host activities for all audiences. In addition, it will be established as the new location for FITAG de Nits, the nocturnal theatrical experience that combines the magic of the night with the fascinating theater art; a nocturnal cabaret in which the theater of varieties, with its desymbolta atmosphere and its varied proposals. FITAG will also be present this year in several neighborhoods and municipalities in Girona that are part of the FITAG Network in Municipalities with the aim of bringing amateur performing arts closer to populations throughout the territory and offering opportunities for exchange between companies residents and foreigners. The performances of international and national amateur companies will take place in the municipalities of Maçanet de la Selva, Sant Gregori, Vidreres, Caldes de Malavella and Llançà.

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Another noteworthy development is that the Festival has changed its coordination in charge of a group of enthusiastic and passionate young people, who had previously been members of the festival, taking on the responsibility of directing a new edition of FITAG. The aim of this new team is to provide an innovative perspective and promote a renewal that encourages democratization and the participation of all citizens in the festival.

With this fresh vision, we are looking to give new impetus to FITAG, welcome new artistic proposals and involve a wider audience in this theatrical celebration. From the new organization of the festival they emphasize that "after years of history of FITAG as we know it, moments of change are coming. For the first time, the festival goes out into the streets, and it does so with the intention of expanding its reach even further and of bringing grassroots theater not only to people who are already connected to it, but also to passers-by and curious people that a priori are on the sidelines.

With a varied program and a special care for the contents, the festival will ensure to show the cultural diversity suggested by the I (for international) in the acronym that gives the name to the festival, FITAG, and will ensure that the meaning of the word amateur is present in the whole grid If amateur means 'what you love', you will have to love not only theatrical art, but life, people and the world». With this new coordination, it is expected that the festival will continue to be a point of reference in the world of theater and performing arts that will excite audiences from all over the world with its international, national and local proposals. FITAG is organized by the Diputació de Girona and coordinated by the House of Culture, with the collaboration of the Generalitat de Catalunya and Girona City Council.

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