Pep Camps works on his latest work "Els esprits del passeig"

Pep Camps works on his latest work "Els esprits del passeig"
bonart girona - 06/07/23

The renowned artist Pep Camps is working on his latest work entitled Els esprits del passeig from his studio-workshop located in Parlavà. Although Camps has us very accustomed to the large format, his latest production is based on very colorful medium and small format paintings made with acrylics, oils and pigments on wood and canvas in which he reproduces a kind of leaves and shapes very dense in color of different sizes that attract our attention due to their repetition and enigmatic character. It should be remembered that last December 2022 the painter inaugurated the retrospective exhibition entitled Pep Camps, Temps i pintura which was held at the Casa de la Cultura de la Diputació de Girona, the Fita Foundation and the Rafael Masó Foundation and it was a tribute from the city of Girona to the artist on his 60th birthday. Currently, Pep Camps lives and works from his house-workshop in Parlavà and apart from being an artist who has been devoted to painting all his life, he is also a teacher at the La Mercè art school in Girona.


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