Blanco Mora Art inaugurates "Wind" by Eudald de Juana

Blanco Mora Art inaugurates "Wind" by Eudald de Juana
bonart cadaqués - 05/06/23

On June 10, Blanco Mora Art Gallery in Cadaqués opens the new temporary exhibition entitled Wind by the figurative sculptor Eudald de Juana (Navata, 1989). BM Art will present this exhibition together with Geode Space from Navata, who have come together in a unique collaboration to exhibit this exceptional exhibition.

From this exhibition, the following series should be highlighted: Alexandra, The Stone, Dust Child, Dis-Connection, Ritorno in Aria, The Awakening of Consciousness, Lunar Landscape and Monument to Carles Rahola.

Melancholy and Wound
According to Eduard Bech i Vila, director of the Museu de l'Empordà in Figueres, "The vast majority of De Juana's works in this exhibition show us faces with closed eyes, introspective, analytical, reflective, melancholic. His works invite us to analyze ourselves, to think, to go beyond what we are seeing. Eudald de Juana's art is like the sea, the wind or the fire, in peace it calms us down, but when it enrages us, it exalts us, it makes us uncomfortable, it hurts us. The clay, passed through his hands, becomes forms that impact us deeply."

As for Eudald de Juana's professional career, in 2012 he moved to Florence, Italy, to focus his training in sculpture and drawing at the Academy of Art in Florence, based on the tradition of italian schools In 2018 he returned to his hometown, Navata and set up his new space and creation workshop Geode inspired by the Empordà nature.

He made several monuments in the cities of Italy and Figueres and his works can be visited in the permanent collection of the Modern Art Museum of Barcelona (MEAM). We must remember the individual exhibition that he had in the Museu Empordà in Figueres and soon after this same exhibition was moved to the Museu de la Garrotxa in Olot.


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