ADN opens 3 exhibitions on the occasion of its 20th anniversary

ADN opens 3 exhibitions on the occasion of its 20th anniversary
bonart barcelona - 24/05/23

From June 3 at 12:00 noon ADN Galeria de Barcelona celebrates its 20th anniversary with the opening of three temporary exhibitions (by Helena Vinent, Núria Güell and Julio Anaya).

For this event, the ADN gallery team has also organized a big party at the ADN Platform (located on Carrer Victor Hugo, number 1, building 6, in Sant Cugat del Vallès) in which the following groups will perform: Discozombi , which will carry out a choreographic action directed by the performer and choreographer Pere Faura and with the performers Sara Manubens, Clara Tena, Víctor Pérez Armejo and Pere Faura himself.

On the other hand, you can also enjoy the performance of the DJ set with Paul O'Neill and Agnes Pe i de la
intervention by Antonio Ortega.

Opening of 3 simultaneous exhibitions
ADN gallery has organized three simultaneous temporary exhibitions, the first is that of Julio Anaya Cabanding at the Colección Manuel Expósito entitled Back to the Present, which can be visited from June 3 to August 19 this year.
This is Anaya's first solo show at ADN and its theme mainly revolves around the presence of works by this artist in the Colección Manuel Expósito, focusing on those related to the historical avant-gardes and the tribute to figures such as Man Ray, Picasso, Malèvitch or De Chirico.

The second exhibition is that of The complete works. Núria Güell's Luxury Edition, which offers at the same time a complete look at the artist's career and the presentation of two new projects created expressly for the occasion.
And finally, the third exhibition will be that of Helena Vinent Amb cura, which can be visited until May 13, 2023. This exhibition is included in the Art Nou 2023 program in which Vinent shows a research and creation project artistic that is based on her own identity positioning as deaf. Through this proposal, Vinent wants to subvert the capacitist and paternalistic vision that points to the disabled as docile, complacent, isolated, endearing, self-conscious, submissive, harmless and without any kind of political or sexual agency.

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