Mor the gallery owner José Martínez Calvo

Mor the gallery owner José Martínez Calvo
bonart madrid - 14/05/23

Gallerist José Martínez Calvo, founder together with Luis Valverde of Galeria Espacio Mínimo, which began its journey in Murcia in 1992 and last year celebrated its 30th anniversary, has died. Initially located in a premises of 14 square meters, in 2000 this room moved its headquarters to Calle Doctor Fourquet in Madrid, being one of the first to open its doors in an area that is now the center of gallery activity in the capital

Martínez Calvo was, likewise, President of the Consortium of Contemporary Art Galleries of Spain and member of the committee of the ARCO Fair, as well as corresponding academic in Murcia of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando. He previously worked as a critic, curator and coordinator of exhibitions, publications and Biennales of Painting and Sculpture of the Department of Plastic Arts of the Department of Culture of the Community of Murcia.

Espacio Mínimo represents authors such as Kristoffer Ardeña, Miquel Àngel Gaüeca, Juana González, Nono Bandera, Bene Bergado, Diana Larrea, Maider Lopez, Juan Luis Moraza, Manu Muniategiandikoetxea, Liliana Porter (last Premi Tomás Francisco Prieto) or Elena Blasco.

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