The Terracotta Museum opens the "Humatics" exhibition by Cesc Abad

The Terracotta Museum opens the "Humatics" exhibition by Cesc Abad
bonart la bisbal d'empordà - 21/04/23

El Terracotta de la Bisbal opens the Humátics exhibition, by the artist Cesc Abad, on April 21 at 7:30 p.m. The exhibition can be seen in the "La Peixera" exhibition hall, the Museum space coordinated by the Bisbal Association of Ceramists. In this exhibition, the visitor will discover a selection of unique and innovative ceramic pieces, which reflect the creativity and technique of this artist.

The Humátics exhibition shows the creative work in ceramics by Cesc Abad, a discipline in which he trained at the School of Arts and Crafts in Terrassa. His pieces show everyday actions, related to desire, lust, mystery or passion, we find figures sitting or in procession, as well as animals, which convey a narrative to the pieces, which tell us stories in a similar way to as classic ceramics did but with a colorful style close to Pop Art and kitsch aesthetics. Each work can be read or interpreted in different directions, so the viewer can enjoy various stories and moments.

His ability to deal with different disciplines allows him to work with ceramics in a very personal and identifiable way. He succeeds in fusing painting and sculpture to reflect on the relationship of the human being with nature and also on the relationship of the latter with passions, fears and hopes.

The exhibition will be open to the public until July 9 and will be a unique opportunity to discover the artistic universe of Cesc Abad and his particular vision of the world.

Cesc Abad is a plastic artist born in Barcelona in 1973 in a family dedicated to the family business. He was expelled from school at the age of fifteen and discovered his passion for visual arts during this time. His father paid for his first art studio, but after his unexpected death when he was twenty-one, he found himself leading the family business. In the workshop he set up next to his office he experimented with different artistic disciplines without ever showing his work. In 2016 he took a step forward and decided to sell his companies in order to dedicate himself exclusively to artistic creation. He moved to a more modest studio and began to prepare his work to show it to the world, deciding that it should no longer be a secret.

Cesc Abad has exhibited in national and international galleries and art fairs, including countries such as France, the Netherlands, the United States and China. His individual exhibitions stand out in spaces such as the Victor Lope contemporary art galleries in Barcelona and Madrid, the Exhibit Lab in Santander, the Caelis in Shanghai and the Simchiwintz in Los Angeles. He has also participated in group exhibitions, such as the show at the Christoffer Egelund gallery in Copenhagen and the Fira Estampa in Barcelona. His work has been present at international art fairs such as ARCO and Urvanity in Madrid, but also in Paris, Lisbon, Luxembourg and Beijing, among others.

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