"Counterpoints" at the House of the Word in Santa Coloma de Farners

"Counterpoints" at the House of the Word in Santa Coloma de Farners
bonart santa coloma de farners - 16/03/23

From the 18th of February you can visit the new temporary exhibition at the Casa de la Paraula in Santa Coloma de Farners entitled Contrapunts, from the Girona collective of artists "Women touched by the moon".
Contrapunts is an exhibition of paintings on various supports, tapestries, poetic objects, illustrated poetry and collages. The artists participating in the exhibition are Dolors Noguer, Carme Planella, Fina Planas, Noemí Morral, Montserrat Guanter and Dolors Bosch.

They are a collective of women who are united by the exchange of ideas, while exploring in this undefined territory called imagination. The implicit mystery of guessing, imagining and dreaming is what they offer, with a selection of very intimate and personal works of art. According to the Girona collective of artists: "If we have to project, we don't need infinity, but to touch, at a short distance. All this and more makes us go through the inarticulate mire of life itself. To us, " Women touched by the moon", grasping the full weight of existence through our imagination, we don't like to follow its current, rather the opposite; against the current we give air to closed doors and open them wide bat. And with the weight of the air we pour all our existential knowledge into it, through this world called: Art", and they add that "we are all 6 of the genus Woman, but as such, each with its own entity . Differentiated, and for this reason we gather from each of us the characteristics to be deployed, without competition, merging and listening to each other, in order to make what we present to you more interesting."

This exhibition can be visited until May 3, 2023.

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