Tribute exhibition Donato Ribas Family "Scorça" at the Chamber of Property

Tribute exhibition Donato Ribas Family "Scorça" at the Chamber of Property
bonart girona - 08/03/23

From March 8 to 31, the temporary exhibition in tribute to the Ribas Donato family entitled Escorça will be presented at the Chamber of Urban Property in Girona.

The inauguration will be on March 10 from 19:00 in the evening and the presentation will be carried out by Josep Ma Fonalleras, who has been united for many years by ties of friendship and work with the Ribas Donato family.

The following artists participate in this exhibition: Assumption Mateu, Carla Martín, M. Carme Tarrés, Ignasi Esteve, M. A. Feliu, Montserrat Costa, Nausica Masó, Pep Camps, Provi Casals, Quim Serrano Bou, Quico Estivill, Quim Corominas, Oliveras Oliver , Torrent
Pagès, Pia Crozet, Dolors Bosch, Tania Espinosa, Jordi Amagat, Manel Bayo and Mar Vivó.

The creative work of the twenty participating artists will be developed on the fibrous tissue of Palm Bark, 20 insinuatingly masking wrappings that give, in a certain way, meaning to the tribute of a family devoted to the cultural world of Girona.

These artists who have been motivated by a common idea have come together to create an exhibition in order to pay tribute to the Ribas Donato family for their unconditional contribution to the culture of Performing Arts in Girona. The Ribas Donato family is a Girona family of Cultural Activists, Patrons, Theater Promoters, Collaborators in the media and above all, promoters and creators of Sala La Planeta in Girona. It must be said that his footprint has been a benchmark for Girona Culture.

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