Presentation of the book "Total Rubbish"

Presentation of the book "Total Rubbish"
bonart barcelona - 20/11/22

The Liberal Arts Center. Fundació Joan Brossa presented the book Brossa Total on November 18, with the intervention of Enrique Juncosa, Juan Manuel Bonet and Vicenç Altaió. Brossa Total collects the work that gallerist Miquel Marcos has collected and produced during his relationship with the poet Brossa and that he recently presented in Fuenlabrada, Madrid. The exhibition is made up of more than 100 pieces including Visual Poems, physical poems, installations, photographs, books, sculptures, cinema, etc.

As Enrique Juncosa explains: "The work of Joan Brossa (1919-1998), whether we think of it as a poet or as an artist, both facets of his work are intricate and indissoluble, has become, over the years, each time more attractive Many of its main characteristics, such as its hybrid and multidisciplinary nature; the preference for open meanings; non-conformism and commitment; irony and the emphasis on the playful aspect; an analytical or reflective conception of artistic work; the taste for colloquial language and popular shows; or the constant collaborative practices with other artists; they are all perfectly valid issues right now. To say that he was ahead of his time, an expression that is often used and has become a commonplace, is, in the case of Brossa, something true. This is perhaps why, in recent years, a vision of his figure has prevailed that relates him to revolutionary international poets and artists who have become indisputable figures over time, both from the first avant-gardes and from the post-war avant-gardes . Marcel Duchamp, Marcel Mariën, John Cage, the Fluxus group, Nicanor Parra, Marcel Broothaerts, or specific poets, are some of the names of artists and poets invoked when discussing Brossa."


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