The MAC hosts Goula. Project of art, play and memory by Montsita Rierola and Jordi Lafon

The MAC hosts Goula. Project of art, play and memory by Montsita Rierola and Jordi Lafon
bonart mataró - 18/11/22

M|A|C Presó inaugurates on November 26 the artistic project of Jordi Lafon and Montsita Rierola, curated by Ana M. Palomo, with the support of ACVic Center d'Arts Contemporànies. The exhibition took place at the Leather Art Museum in Vic, from January 29 to April 25, 2021.

The chance access to a reserve of surplus parts and elements produced by the well-known wooden toy company Goula (Vic 1942-1996), prompted an artistic project with proposals that included aspects such as play, reflection, network, exchange and participation to establish different views from a common industrial and social legacy. Later, this same concern simultaneously led to Goula's doctoral thesis. Art, play and memory. From an industrial adventure to an artistic experience by Montsita Rierola, which links the historical research of the case of the Goula industry with the practice of art and play.

The two sides, the artistic and the historical, have converged in the materialization of an exhibition, the meaning of which reveals details of the research work and deploys different methodologies of contemporary artistic practice to build a new story that presents a part of the report on the future of the Goula industry and reflects on the different universal issues that concern us, such as politics, the environment, health, sustainability, education and gender, among others.


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