Lluèrnia, Fire and Light Festival returns from November 10 to 12

Lluèrnia, Fire and Light Festival returns from November 10 to 12
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Lluèrnia, Olot's Festival of Fire and Light , returns to its usual format and will be held from November 10 to 12, 2022 , after two editions fully affected by the pandemic.

One of the spirit of the Festival is to help the citizens of Olot rediscover new spaces and itineraries. It is for this reason that Lluèrnia, after exploring the banks of the Fluvià river or other places in the city, this year proposes an itinerary that will turn the Barri de Sant Miquel and its surroundings into the center of the festival.

Fire and light have been the architects of the morphology of our landscape and it is precisely the landscape that we want to reclaim. The landscape becomes the perfect stage for asking questions of the naturalized space, the urban fabric and the public space in general. We can discover places in the city simply by lighting them, we can emphasize buildings, streets, squares and, above all, we can look at the city with another filter, change our gaze, with the ephemeral illusion of a few hours, to convert everyday places in magical settings. Lluèrnia is a street festival that seeks new illuminations, new views on everyday space. New landscape spaces in the urban space will continue to be explored without concentrating all the proposals in the city center. Taking advantage of neighborhoods not frequented by cultural initiatives to program some of the facilities and activities must allow them to be visualized and appreciated as elements of our citizen landscape.

The will of Lluèrnia is to highlight the Barri de Sant Miquel which, as part of the urban expansion of the city towards other sectors, has blurred its relevant role as an entrance to the city coming from Girona, but has maintained its popular and welcoming character. In the same way that in the 1940s and 1950s it housed homes for the working classes and those affected by the flood of the 1940s, today it is the neighborhood that welcomes many immigrant groups. These circumstances have made it a neighborhood with great social activity with which we would like to create synergies in order to include them in the activities and program of Lluèrnia. Its industrial architecture, although largely disused, represents an important contribution to the historical heritage of the city that we would like to claim.

Lluèrnia will also place part of its activities in the center of Olot , either with previous actions or with facilities located in the Hospice or the Plaça Major , the starting point of the route, a route that will end in the Plaça de Sant Miquel , where the final show would take place.

The artistic call, which opened on April 5 and closed on May 22, received more than thirty proposals. The festival's organizing committee chose four, a rather difficult task thanks to the high level of the artistic installations presented this year. These projects will join twenty more that will form part of the circuit proposed by the Lluèrnia 2022 festival.

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