From the sky of Barcelona: Bonart, Duchamp and the Mapfre tower

From the sky of Barcelona: Bonart, Duchamp and the Mapfre tower

Usually, things look different from the sky. The sculptor Xavier Medina-Campeny , who has just created the figures that will crown the towers of the Sagrada Família, knows this well. He, like a hundred people from the world of arts and culture, were present last Thursday at noon at the presentation of the bonart monograph, dedicated to Marcel Duchamp and his mark on Catalonia. The event, a lively dialogue between three very different personalities ( Joan Casellas, Rosa Maria Malet and Eduard Arranz-Bravo ), ended with a vermouth offered by our magazine on the 39th floor of the Mapfre tower in Barcelona. A luxury of opportunity thanks to the gift of the people of KBr, the arts center of the Mapfre foundation. Between social gatherings, while drinking vermouth, impressive views of Barcelona - a city that never ends - and, above all, having the opportunity to see things from a new perspective or, at least from a different perspective. A bit like what we are taught day after day by people with divergent views among whom creators play a prominent role. Just like Marcel Duchamp, who revolutionized the way we see and understand what we have called "Art" for many years. This revolutionary who made a living by selling works of art, as the artist Eduard Arranz-Bravo - who was a great friend of Duchamp's wife in Cadaqués - slyly reminded us a few times - broke the paradigms of 20th century art, as did generational artists such as Josep Beuys , Joan Miró or Pere Portabella . In short, a lot of emotions, a lot of culture and a desire to normalize face-to-face meetings again after a pandemic that has been difficult to digest.

From the sky of Barcelona: Bonart, Duchamp and the Mapfre tower
Photo report by Antonia Mardones / Grisart.

Bonart act article in the following link: bonart presents the monograph on Duchamp at the Mapfre Foundation


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