"Transit" by Maria Conde at the Gothsland Art Gallery

"Transit" by Maria Conde at the Gothsland Art Gallery
bonart barcelona - 02/11/22

María Corte, the Catalan-Argentine painter and illustrator, embarks on a personal project together with the Gothsland art gallery in Barcelona. Art lovers will be able to feast their eyes on the exclusive works created for this event, where she launches her first collection of pieces in NFT format by ARTTS. The exhibition can be visited until December 10, 2022.

In each and every one of her creative facets, María Corte develops a very personal universe in which the formal decomposition of cubist reminiscences poetically dialogues with a coloristic sinuosity of more classic airs. Corte creates energetic, desirable, sensual, multi-ethnic, dancing, thinking and sometimes melancholic women. Her representations of cities such as Barcelona, New York, Madrid or Havana make her a true urban portraitist, capturing in each of her compositions the essences, shapes, rhythms and colors of the places she paints. Likewise, in Corte's work we can appreciate a critical conceptualism not without irony that connects it, on the one hand, with an extensive tradition of visual poetry very present in Catalan culture and, on the other, with the manifestations of the unconscious, which he knows so well thanks to his family psychoanalytic background. María Corte's is a painting that vibrates, that sounds and that projects all its light and chromaticism on the viewing public.

In statements to the media María Corte has expressed that "the exhibition has been a personal transit, a transit of formats, from her career as a consolidated illustrator and from digital to pictorial and material".

What María Corte has worked on the most in her professional career has consisted of finding concepts, visual poetry, metaphor, literature and narrative. Corte continues that "for this first solo exhibition I had to preserve part of my essence, my previous language. This transformation to the pictorial has led to presenting a work that has warmth, proximity, to be softer, closer, more human".


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