The Queen Sofia Museum, FIDMarseille and Doclisboa create the Joaquim Jordà residency program

The Queen Sofia Museum, FIDMarseille and Doclisboa create the Joaquim Jordà residency program
bonart madrid - 11/10/22

The Reina Sofia Museum, the FIDMarseille and the Doclisboa present a new annual program of residencies intended for filmmakers and artists who work in the field of film essay, experimental cinema and, in short, in those manifestations that shape non-fiction cinema fiction

The joint residency between a museum and two international film festivals offers the possibility of articulating different phases between the idea and the materialization of an audiovisual work. The objective of the program is to support the conception, development and production of film projects in the field of non-fiction cinema, to finance their execution and to create debate networks at an international level.

The program honors Joaquim Jordà (1935-2006), a filmmaker with an original and emblematic work in the field of non-fiction whose career spans the three countries of the institutions that convene this residency: National Film Award (2006), his work is part of the Queen Sofia Museum Collection; his last retrospective in life was at FIDMarseille (2006) and one of his early films, Portogallo, paese tranquil (1969), deals with resistance to dictatorship in Portugal.

Jordà traced a non-conformist and committed path in the creation documentary, characterized by the use of theatrical strategies and the staging of deeply experimental narratives that this call seeks to recover and establish as a genealogy in contemporary non-fiction cinema. The stay proposes three stages that encompass the research and development of the project, the realization and putting it into circulation. They will take place in Madrid, Marseille and Lisbon.

The beneficiaries, two per year, will automatically be invited to participate in the FIDLab and the Doclisboa. The FIDLab is an international co-production platform that takes place during the FIDMarseille celebration at the beginning of July, where different projects are presented for funding and distribution. The projects that obtain the Residency will automatically be evaluated by the independent FIDLab jury. If they are not among the selected projects, they will still enjoy the professional opportunities offered by the platform. For its part, the Doclisboa will provide the beneficiaries with the contacts of a selection of guests at the festival, held in the second half of October in Lisbon, so that they can establish connections with international networks of filmmakers, artists and producers.


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