Success of participants at the 24th International Basket Fair

Success of participants at the 24th International Basket Fair
bonart salt - 06/09/22

Visitor success at the 24th International Cistell de Salt Fair that took place this past October 1 and 2 in the municipality of Salt. This fair, which is considered one of the reference events for basket makers from all over Europe, has become a space for meeting and exchanging knowledge.

Over the years, the fair has become a space for recovery, knowledge, training and dissemination of the art of basketry.
A whole series of artisans from different places in the Catalan Countries, from the rest of the State and, in recent years, basket makers from other European countries such as Germany, France, Ireland or the United Kingdom and even , of South America meet annually at the beginning of October to offer the latest developments in this sector. According to sources from the organization "the celebration of this fair is an event that goes beyond artisanal and cultural values since behind the Fair beats a community dimension that without any doubt has become one of the elements that best they explain its roots in our municipality and its celebration year after year".

Portugal, guest country

The Association of Cistellers and Cistelleres de Catalunya chose Portugal as the guest country this year. According to the members of the association "perhaps this country should have been chosen earlier than Uganda, Mexico, Colombia, etc... but in the end it was this year 2022" and they add "often, the closest to us it is more unknown to us than the exotic".

Throughout the weekend it was possible to visit the exhibition Portugal, cestos e cestas, which was a sample of the best pieces currently being made in Portuguese basketry. This exhibition has exhibited a great variety of materials and techniques that are used and on the other hand has become a well-deserved tribute to the basket weavers who have already disappeared through the pieces, photographs and texts that were exhibited at the Senior Resource Center this last Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

For his part, Jordi Viñas, mayor of Salt, has indicated that "I invite you to come and visit the exhibition of the most representative basketry in this country and the live demonstrations of the work of some of its most renowned artisans" . Viñas also wanted to point out that another of the essential events of the exhibition was the Roser Albó International Basketry Competition (CICRA), which this year reached its 12th edition and where visitors could see the participating pieces this year, under the motive of "Brotherhood". This Contest took place in the lobby of the Teatre de Salt.

It is also worth noting the installation entitled "Mussolets" by the Galician artist Júlia de la Cal in the courtyard of Escola La Farga and the showcase competition inspired by the Fira del Cistell that the businesses of Salt held the week before of the fair and the decoration of the balconies and patios decorated by the residents of the Saltenc municipality.

With regard to the program of activities that was held in parallel with the fair, the Technical Workshop at the Parish Church of Sant Cugat on Friday 30 September by Cristina Silverio da Fonseca and the Portuguese basket maker Nunco Alves should be highlighted. Reference should also be made to the demonstration of basketry made with pond rushes, the beginning of the construction of the giant piece, which this year was a horse prawn fishing basket, the family workshops, the prize giving of CICRA, the planting of Giants and Horses, etc...


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