Montserrat Costa inaugurates "Sistema" at the Marges-U gallery

Montserrat Costa inaugurates "Sistema" at the Marges-U gallery
bonart cadaqués - 05/07/22

On July 2 at 19:00 the renowned artist Montse Costa inaugurated her new exhibition Sistema at the Marges-U gallery in Cadaqués. In this exhibition, the artist exhibits a series of small paintings in which the electric blue color predominates and on the other hand you can also see a series of works in which Costa draws with glitter markers, which according to the artist “ they shine and blink giving the sensation of movement ”.

The work wants to create a mystery and challenge the viewer at the same time that he can perceive a circle that is slowly showing but can not be seen in its entirety "because it wants to suggest the impossibility that we humans have to grasp things in its fullness. There is always something that escapes us ", says Costa.

Montserrat Costa was born in Barcelona and has lived and worked in Girona since 1966. He has combined artistic practice with teaching painting at the La Mercè Cultural Center in Girona and other schools.

For its part, the Marges-U gallery in Cadaqués, which is celebrating its twentieth anniversary of opening, has advanced the programming of exhibitions for this year 2022. From August 6 there will be the exhibition of Alfredo Sánchez and Gustau Carbó will inaugurate Joaquim Carbó, Nobuko Kihira and Sussi Salat on September 3, and in October the exhibition by Annette Emmermmann, Karin Tarrés and Natxo Vega will be on view. In December the gallery has scheduled a collective winter exhibition of artists.

The exhibition can be visited until August 1. The gallery's opening hours are from 18:00 to 21:00 (arranged visit) and on Sundays and public holidays from 12:00 to 14:00.


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