The Garrotxa Museum houses the work of Hisao Suzuki

The Garrotxa Museum houses the work of Hisao Suzuki
bonart olot - 31/05/22

The Garrotxa Museum in Olot is hosting, from June 3 to August 15, the photographic work of the Japanese Hisao Suzuki, considered one of the best photographers of contemporary architecture of the last 30 years. The photographic exhibition, the first by Hisao Suzuki, organized by the RCR Bunka Foundation and the Garrotxa Museum, includes 48 black and white photographs of the most emblematic buildings of international architecture, as well as portraits of their creators. The photographs on display in the exhibition Shadows and Light are part of the Photographic Collection that the Japanese artist donated in full (more than 46,000 pieces) to the RCR Bunka Foundation just over a year ago.

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