El Bòlit presents "Biennial 2064", an exhibition on oracles in the age of artificial intelligence


El Bòlit presents "Biennial 2064", an exhibition on oracles in the age of artificial intelligence

bonart girona - 31/05/22
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On June 3, the Bòlit. Girona Center for Contemporary Art inaugurates an exhibition on oracles in the age of artificial intelligence. Under the title, Biennial 2064 the exhibition presents some of these cracks and singularities that have emerged over the last forty years, such as the actions of Kriska Li in the braided years, the events of the Voyager spacecraft, anarchronism, the psychic currents of the forties and fifty, the AIconostasics; experiments aimed at damaging the omen, at interrupting the prediction, at deserting the future.

Biennial 2064 brings together the research projects of Roc Albalat, Clara Boj and Diego Díaz, María Cañas, Estampa Collective, Núria Giménez Lorang, Jorge Luis Marzo, Júlia Montilla, Àngela Novo, Roc Parés, Arturo fito Rodríguez.

The exposition is based on the idea that when oracles predict the future, they discard from the present everything that does not make it possible. At the same time, they aim to edit the past only in relation to the prediction they have made. This is happening right now, and it allows us to see what happens to memory in a revolutionary data regime in which the depositional images of life have become clairvoyant and say things we don't know. The algorithmic governance of recent decades has taken over from the ancient oracles. The new omens, which accumulate patterns to predict the future, discard from the present all that does not make it possible.

At Bòlit_LaRambla, you can see and hear some new sibyls. When they asked them about the last Biennial 2064, the great event of immersive art, they ended up talking about forgotten works, marginal synergies, discarded visions over forty years. A sample of these "cracks" removed from the industrial story of culture are those that can be found in the Bòlit_ PouRodó, as well as the aforementioned actions of Kriska Li and the events of the Voyager probe, the "discarded" exhibitions that tried to dynamite the culture of cancellation… experiments aimed at damaging data, interrupting prediction, deserting the future.

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