Plan_C * Culture for the Climate, Environmental Sustainability Plan aimed at all cultural companies in Catalonia

Plan_C * Culture for the Climate, Environmental Sustainability Plan aimed at all cultural companies in Catalonia
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The Catalan Institute of Cultural Enterprises (ICEC) has presented at Santa Mònica the Plan_C * Culture for the Climate, an ambitious Environmental Sustainability Plan that is aimed at all cultural companies in Catalonia and aims to become a benchmark in the Catalan and state level.

The presentation ceremony, which took place on May 10, was attended by the director of the ICEC, Miquel Curanta; the director of the Business Development and Transformation Area of the ICEC, Edgar Garcia; and the head of the entity's Environmental Sustainability Plan, Laia Sanahuja. The event was also attended by representatives of the entities and associations that bring together cultural companies. Five professionals from the cultural sector - Jordi Panyella, editor of Pol·len edicions; Abigail Ballester, TTP Manager, Professional Theater Association for All Audiences; Marta Forn, manager of the PAC, Audiovisual Producers of Catalonia; Albert Bocchetto, associate director of Primavera Sound and Joana Moll, artist and researcher - explained the measures they have taken in their projects to reduce the environmental impact, testifying how culture can play a very active role in preserving the environment. . Also participating in the presentation of the Plan_C * were the Head of the Catalan Office of Climate Change of the Government of Catalonia, Salvador Samitier, who highlighted the ambition and comprehensive approach of the Plan, and Ana Villagordo, environmental consultant who has collaborated · Worked on the elaboration of the Plan.

The Plan_C * Culture for the Climate, according to Miquel Curanta, "puts on the table the need to reduce the environmental impact of the cultural sector and also take advantage of the great transformative potential of culture to change mindsets and face current and future environmental challenges. "ICEC leads this process, making it possible for Catalan cultural companies to have the tools and resources to be more sustainable and also to be able to transmit environmental values in what they offer to the public." In turn, Edgar García highlighted the desire for companies and professionals in the sector to join "this roadmap, which proposes 3 axes, 16 lines of action and 37 actions to be developed in the horizon 2022- 2024 ". At the same time, this Plan is a turning point in the work of the ICEC in favor of environmental sustainability: it directs, deploys and strengthens the various initiatives that the institution has launched since 2017, aimed at accompanying companies towards a more sustainable model, to convey the need for this change to the public and also to work internally to reduce the ecological footprint of the institution.

Plan_C * Culture for the Climate

The current situation of environmental urgency cannot go unnoticed in a sector such as culture, which, in addition to having its own environmental impact, can also have a very positive impact on the mindsets of its public.

In this context, the Plan_C * stands as an instrument to meet the demands of companies in the cultural sector, fulfill the mandate of the Government Plan for the XIV legislature (which expresses, as a measure to promote the transformation and modernization of the cultural industries, the commitment to draw up a sustainability plan) and to align the Department of Culture and the ICEC with the axes and objectives set by the Government of Catalonia. The 2022 Departmental Action Plan, approved by the ICEC General Council, also includes this desire to implement an environmental sustainability plan aimed at the cultural sector.

The Plan_C *, which is valid for the period 2022-2024, also arises from the realization that there is no "Plan B" and the conviction that culture can offer a positive alternative: a climate plan, culture , change and citizenship that proposes almost 40 actions, that measures the results and that encourages a creative sector with a great transformative potential to be part of it. The Plan provides cultural professionals with knowledge, tools, grant lines and resources to make a more sustainable cultural sector possible.

To transform Catalan cultural companies, the Plan_C * is articulated in three strategic axes that respond to different objectives:

  1. For a positive impact, from the greening of the sector: to accompany cultural companies in their transition to a more sustainable model
  2. For a social transformation, from discourse and messages: to promote the capacity of culture to transform and create new narratives and the role of the cultural sector as a platform and speaker to activate and inspire a change in society towards a sustainable future.
  3. For internal governance, from leadership and coherence: to incorporate the environmental strategy within the ICEC and to lead the process of transformation of the cultural sector, creating alliances with different agents, institutions and administrations, both of the cultural ecosystem and in d 'other sectors.

These axes are structured in 16 lines of action and 37 actions that will be developed in the horizon 2022-2024 . Each of these actions includes a description, an associated timetable, follow-up indicators, responsible agents and, in some cases, benchmarks for experiences to draw on. The initial budget for the actions planned for 2022 is € 1.25 million.

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