"A history of recent art (1960-2020) II" at the Museu Fundación Juan March

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"A history of recent art (1960-2020) II" at the Museu Fundación Juan March
bonart palm - 09/05/22

The Juan March Foundation and DKV Seguros have combined their experience and their respective collections to build an exhibition that can be visited at the Juan March Foundation Museum in Palma. A History of Recent Art (1960-2020) II is the result of the work of the teams of the two institutions on each of their collections, highlighting the differences between the two, with their particularities and the character of each. The exhibition is a masterful exercise in collaboration between institutions that treasure important and necessary collections to understand the latest art in our art history.

The ambitious collaboration is not only based on the possibility of offering a sequence of works by various generations of artists, currents and styles, but the Juan March Foundation and DKV are actively taking on the challenge of visually rethinking some of the stories of recent art in our country, with their connections, continuities, novelties and ruptures, serious or ironic quotations and historical and thematic disparities. A complete and rigorous exhibition that also considers the evolution that has taken place in the last seventy years from painting and sculpture to conceptual practices, installation, dematerialization of the work of art, the multidisciplinary presence and the advent and entry into the museum of the audiovisual and digital, to return to painting and sculpture.

A History of Recent Art (1960-2020) II brings together about eighty works from the collection of the Juan March Foundation Museum that will coexist with about a hundred works - painting, sculpture, drawings, video art and installations - selected from the more than eight hundred that make up the DKV Collection, started in 2007 and focused mainly on artistic practices since the beginning of the new century. The particular narrative exercise in this exhibition includes works by Salvador Dalí, Eduardo Chillida, Manolo Millares, Joan Miró, Pablo Palazuelo, Jorge Oteiza, Antonio Saura, Antoni Tàpies, Gustavo Torner, Fernando Zóbel, Elena Alonso, Lucía Bayón, Pablo Capitán del Río, Antonio Fernández Alvira, Carlos Gil, Laura González Cabrera, Cristina Mejías, Guillermo Mora, Tomás Pizá and Belén Rodríguez, among many other artists. A History of Recent Art (1960-2020) II looks, through the works of artists, at the past and the future, and does so from the museum as a place to mediate and keep the testimonies of history and the art history.

Image: Paco Pomet. Baptism, 2012.

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