"Gaset Flinch" by Judit Gaset at the Andorra la Vella Art Center

"Gaset Flinch" by Judit Gaset at the Andorra la Vella Art Center
bonart andorra la vella - 12/04/22

The Government Exhibition Hall, at the Andorra la Vella Art Center, hosts the Gaset Flinch exhibition. The exhibition, which can be visited until June 12, includes the sculptural creation of the Andorran artist Judit Gaset Flinch from the early 90s of the twentieth century until 2021. The nearly 70 works on display show the evolution of the sculptor's work, a creation that goes through different stages marked by a clear artistic intention in which the concept and the material play a decisive role.

Judit Gaset has been working on her series since its inception. In order to offer a complete view, and not just a chronological one, the different series have been grouped into three thematic blocks: Ea et Alia (She and the other beings), Symbolic geometries in iron and Poetics in stoneware and refractory, which will allow to understand the evolution of the artist and, at the same time, how, through each of these series, Gaset is proposing new sculptural formulations.

The exhibition shows the cultural and artistic contribution that Gaset Flinch has made to Andorra and its citizens. This can be seen not only in the numerous exhibitions in galleries and the work that we find in foreign locations in the country, but also in the large number of works that are part of private collections and those that are part of the collection. art by the Government of Andorra, the Institut d'Estudis Catalans or the Center for Mathematical Research of Catalonia.

The catalog that accompanies the exhibition is a documentary and photographic collection. The documentary aspect integrates a part of texts that form part of the leaflets, brochures, catalogs and invitations that the galleries of the time published for the exhibitions. The value of recovering them lies in their validity to apply them in the comprehensive, updated look that the Ministry of Culture and Sports now offers with this exhibition. Among others, we will find texts by notable people from the art world such as Arnau Puig and Josep Maria Cadena. It is also a photographic collection of great value, with images, among others, of Pep Aguareles and Àlex Tena, who have accompanied the sculptor over the years in her role as a creator, photographing her works. All in all, this catalog is a rich documentary document for the study and dissemination of the work of Judit Gaset.

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