Edgar Massegú inaugurates the "Disco Toilet" in his Casa Museu

Edgar Massegú inaugurates the "Disco Toilet" in his Casa Museu
bonart girona - 07/04/22

This coming Sunday, April 10, from 10:00 to 14:00, coinciding with the active open days of the Casa Museu d'Edgar Massegú, during the International Art Day promoted by the Bòlit Center d'Art Cotemporani of Girona, the Vàter Disco installation will be inaugurated, which is the smallest nightclub in Europe. The Vàter Disco, a museum that has taken place for months of work, culminates with the feeling of being inside a ball of mirrors of a nightclub and is that Massegú has patronized and cut to size more than 2,000 pieces of mirrors in geometric shapes, mostly triangles. Even the toilet paper and towel are mirrors. During the day, the street will be cut, where the Massegú Library series of catalogs will also be presented. It will be a large-scale event as it will feature more than 50 participating artists from all over the world and from many artistic disciplines.

There will be contemporary dance, a group exhibition, the participation of the Urban Sketchers Girona, live music - where some artists will present exclusively albums and singles -, performances, pairing of Moska craft beer and organic wine Solo el amor salva el world; also, among many other activities, the chef Jordi Parés, professor at the Girona School of Hospitality, will create small edible sculptures.


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