Palau Robert reviews the world of video games in "Nova Pantalla. The video game in Catalonia"

Palau Robert reviews the world of video games in "Nova Pantalla. The video game in Catalonia"
bonart barcelona - 06/04/22

The Palau Robert presents the first major exhibition dedicated to the video game industry in Catalonia. New Screen. The video game in Catalonia. Organized by the General Directorate of Broadcasting, the exhibition, which can be visited until September 4, aims to highlight all the satellites that revolve around the video game universe: entertainment, of course, but also artistic creation. , economics and finance, university studies and training cycles, industry, technology and so many other socio-cultural aspects that make it an extremely exciting and important environment for the country.

Curated by Joan B. Galí, Albert García and Marc Angrill, Nova Pantalla. The video game in Catalonia wants to vindicate the video game as a cultural artifact of artistic interest, therefore, among its contents it has a spectacular and evocative immersive video created specifically for the occasion, a work that introduces visitors to the video games themselves . The video game is also thought of as a social fact that generates an entire community around it.

The exhibition explains the different manifestations of this dialogue between video gamers, such as the media, content creators, fairs and social networks. To achieve this, New Screen invites visitors to immerse themselves in this world through immersive installations, interactive content and games. The exhibition has a clear informative and playful character in order to reach both fans and all those people who have never approached the interactive medium.

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