Josep Coll in the Parc dels Estanys

Josep Coll in the Parc dels Estanys
bonart platja d'aro - 04/03/22

The temporary large-format sculpture exhibition by Josep Coll will be inaugurated on March 5 at the Parc dels Estanys in Platja d'Aro. The event will be attended by the Mayor of Platja d'Aro, Maurici Jiménez i Ruiz.

In this exhibition the visitor will be able to notice that the sculptor does not underestimate any element of the sculpture since in his sculptures you can find the conjugation of materials, the visual conception, the integration of the work in its location and also the plastic work of the hand of the conceptual design of the idea.

Coll works with elements of rejection or leftovers, which he converts into pieces full of expressiveness and dynamism; the integration of materials is also very considerable which causes the viewer to forget the fact of valuing the idea of joining various objects, materials of textures and surfaces so different in quality and characteristics. According to art critic Alexandre Roa i Casellas, “it is simply, as if it were its natural conjunction, when in fact it is the result of a process that radiates creativity. A process, however, whose execution is the result of what they call a trade: the deep knowledge of the subject and the techniques to work and model it at will. Art could well be defined as a harmonious balance between these factors.

The exhibition can be visited until July 17, 2022 from Monday to Sunday from 8 am to 6 pm. (March and April) and from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. (May-July).

On the other hand, the next exhibitions to be held at the Castle of Benedormiens in Castell d'Aro are that of Lourdes Fisa Terra Blava-Painting from March 19 to May 8, that of Olga Andrino, painting, from March 21 May to July 3 and the Municipal Fund for Art, Painting and Sculpture, from July 9 to August 7. As for the Masia Bas in Platja d'Aro, an exhibition of the Municipal Art Fund (painting and sculpture) has been scheduled from July 9 to September 12.

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