Can Mario presents "Universal Localisms. Artists of the Empordà (1)"

Can Mario presents "Universal Localisms. Artists of the Empordà (1)"
bonart palafrugell - 21/02/22

The Vila Casas - Can Mario Foundation presents Universal Localisms. Artists of the Empordà (1) an exhibition that reinforces the Empordà, a territory where more than two hundred visual artists live and work. Many of them are already represented in the museums of the Vila Casas Foundation, both in the Empordà itself and in Barcelona. However, with this exhibition - the first of a project that aims to reach two - we want to go further, highlighting other artistic voices not so much heard.

With these two exhibitions we will put on the table about fifty artists, a fact that will be the first time it is carried out and that should serve us, not to stand out above each other, but to be able to speak from of now Empordà as a land full of artists, a heritage element that drinks from great sources such as the Pla, Dalí, Duchamp, Hamilton or Cuixart, and that differentiates us from other regions.

Based on these two premises, that is, the artists who live and work permanently in the Empordà and the desire to weave a network of complicity, it has seemed to us the most appropriate to begin our journey with the group of friends. / artists formed through the thirty years of work of the art space Km 7, which have been able to break the current atomization to achieve a primordial molecule in the world of fine arts, which despite not being the unique in our area has been the most durable. Therefore, it would make us very happy to contribute to the strengthening of our heritage and, at the same time, to help to structure it permanently. Fundamentally, however, we want to bet on a new way of seeing and looking at our home, a treasure that grows day by day.

The exhibition Universal Localisms. Artists of the Empordà (1) , curated by Toni Álvarez de Arana, wants to help enhance our heritage and, at the same time, help to structure it permanently and in this first exhibition it does so with the work of artists: Artur Aguilar, Rosa Aguiló, Pilar Aldana-Méndez, Alfonso Alzamora, Ralph Bernabei, Rosa Brugat, Pep Camps, Josep Canals, Alberto de Udaeta, Jordi Galí, Javier Garcés, Guerrero Medina, Hiroshi Kitamura, Xavier Krauel, Luis Krauel, Laurent Martin “Lo”, Assumpció Mateu, Alícia Marsans, Maria Mercader, José Luís Pascual, Víctor Pérez Porro, Enric Pladevall, Carme Sanglas, Regina Saura, Manel Álvarez, Adolfo Estrada, Xavier Medina Campeny and Jordi Sardà.

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