"The book of silences and noises" by Joanpere Massana


"The book of silences and noises" by Joanpere Massana

bonart reus - 02/02/22

The Anquins gallery presents The Book of Silences and Noises, an individual exhibition by the artist from Lleida, Joanpere Massana, which will open on February 4 at 7.30 pm. Joanpere Massana (Ponts, 1968) shows a collection of his most recent works: large format papers, textured fabrics and assemblages, which are very representative of the artist's creative universe. A poetic, reflective and visually very attractive work that tells us about silence. Joanpere Massana with an intense artistic career that has developed largely in Italy and Germany, has also been recognized in Catalonia. In 2020, the Institut d'Estudis Ilerdencs organized a large exhibition of his work in Lleida.

“... Massana's work must be looked at from the roots and towards the flight. From a root to Mother Earth and everything that builds and conditions it (especially water, clouds, plant life ..) But also towards the lyrical flight, towards the world of dreams and dreams. hopes, towards the search or reinvention of lost or ignored time or spaces. Stand on the ground and look long. Massana's work must be looked at from the point of view of love and struggle. From the love for constant work, for research, for the desire to help rethink, for fluid expression, for understanding and for a specific land that he knows and loves. And from the struggle of those who always want to go a little further, of those who seek new subjects and new expressions, of those who do not have it easy and above all, do not seek ease. For a spectator, the projection of the gaze on the work of Joanpere Massana is not easy, but it is not impossible. Because it is both demanding and enveloping. Because it is both matter and made of the fabric of dreams. Because it is both concrete and creative. "

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