The "Photographic Stories" by Christian Inaraja and Oriol Molas at the ACVIC

The "Photographic Stories" by Christian Inaraja and Oriol Molas at the ACVIC
bonart - vic - 01/02/22

ACVIC begins the exhibition year by focusing on its cycles on photojournalism and illustration with a tour of the most recent and experimental work by illustrator Christian Inaraja and a joint proposal by photographer Oriol Molas and writer Víctor Sunyol in of the cycle Photographic stories. The exhibitions can be visited until March 12.

The 12th edition of the Photographic Stories series shows a large-format image of the photographer Oriol Molas made from a chairlift at the Soldeu-Grandvalira resort in Andorra in 2012, which shows the Austrian skier Nicole from above. Hosp during a downhill during the Alpine Skiing World Cup. The image captures a moment of a competition that he experienced as a "big dream", as Molas is a big fan of skiing and, in addition, is one of his specialties as a professional photographer. It is part of the book of the World Cup of this sport that he himself edited. The author of the text that accompanies the photo, the writer Víctor Sunyol, emphasizes that it is a "very precise image and that it is like a painting". According to him, "you don't need to paint to paint, you paint with photography, with film, with volume, folding, cutting, stacking ...".

For his part, Christian Inaraja exhibits at Autopista. Automatic Drawings (2018-2022) a selection of his most experimental works of the last three years that he has made "apart from my usual activity of illustrating books, a kind of 'divertimento'", as the author explains . These are works that are not published, with customary themes, and that do not start from any commission "but from the creative pulse". The illustrations are made "without the rational premeditation of the traditional illustrator" and where the technique allows the artist "an aesthetically impeccable creation without the mediatization of intellectual reason," as the poet and playwright explains. Miquel Desclot, with whom Inaraja has collaborated in several books.

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