Santa Monica wonders what "The tradition that crosses us" is like

Santa Monica wonders what "The tradition that crosses us" is like
bonart barcelona - 01/02/22

Santa Monica opens on February 2 at 7 p.m. the exhibition The tradition that crosses us. Santa Mònica has invited some twenty artists to discuss and share lines of work around the question: How do we face the tradition that crosses and hurts us today? This collective process has led to the series of pieces of new production that are presented in this exhibition, a set of critical readings of the traditions that have shaped us and continue to do so.

In recent years we have experienced a great transformation. The world has changed, and because of the proliferation of critical reviews of its patriarchal, colonial, and exploitative foundations, our way of understanding it has also changed. We can no longer feel the dominant cultures, which have marked our identities, as foreign bodies that pass through us with violence.

This transformation, however, points not only to our future but also to our past. Questioning certain founding myths and retrieving others that have historically been left out is crucial to reconfiguring our present. The tradition that crosses us is to rethink these questions from the works of Enlightened Gnosis / Agustín Ortiz Herrera, A rosary of nonsense / Albert Gironès, The naked algorithm / Anna Carreras, Our oath & Altar to our lady of the papers y los placeres de las migrantes / Colectivo Ayllu, Narcís / Greta Alfaro, Humedades, izquierdes i gotelé / José y sus hermanas, Metamàquina / Mónica Rikić, Dada Primitiva / Montserrat Soto, Membranes zombis / Muaj !, Aliens i naus / Robert Llimós, Reconstruction: The Holy Viceroy (Scene III) / Verónica Lahitte + Antonio Gagliano and An Incoherent Body / Xesca Salvà


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