Diaz Coast. Ceramist

Diaz Coast. Ceramist

The evolution of ceramics in La Bisbal has taken place, as everywhere, thanks to the contribution of the effort, concern and ambition of those characters who have always sought to increase their creative capacity and achieve more singularity. Without his zeal and dedication, without a total dedication to the profession, the pottery of our house would probably not have reached the high level and recognition it enjoys today.

Among these hard-working perfectionists, there is no doubt that Eusebi Díaz Costa played a key role. An artist who, ahead of his time, was able to develop a creative idea that, at the time, was completely original and groundbreaking: he was the first to understand that pottery with popular and traditional roots could become, in more utilitarian and functional, an object with a clear decorative purpose. He devoted himself to this goal with passion and tenacity, achieving over time a high technical capacity and a solid knowledge of the resources of such a complex discipline, and was able (from research and constant research) to offer us a unique ceramic work.

vital and creative maturity, Díaz Costa's pieces never cease to amaze with a singular work that progresses through experimentation and continuous creativity: from the earliest pieces that deliberately seek to accommodate the demand for popular craftsmanship from the forties and fifties of the twentieth century, then heavily mediated by the impacts generated by tourism, to more creative and differentiated proposals. His work will also be able to motivate a whole series of creators to follow his path: because he was, without a doubt, the first to push and point a new direction for the ceramics of La Bisbal, until it became the extraordinary hive that made our city one of the largest producers of traditional and handcrafted artistic ceramics in the country.

And, despite this relevance and interest of the character, it is surprising that until now he has not had the recognition he deserves, as his creative and human career is virtually overlooked. And not only is he an excellent ceramist, nor have the most interesting aspects of his contribution to the history of Catalan art been revealed. It seems clear, then, that the publication of a monographic book dedicated to this great ceramic artist had to be started. A publication in which his human and artistic itinerary was made known, a first cataloging of his production was facilitated and his important and decisive contribution was confirmed not only to the ceramics of La Bisbal, but also to the history of Catalan ceramics. The tribute is now being paid to him through this book (published on the occasion of the exhibition of the same name, which, since April, can be enjoyed in the temporary exhibition hall of the Terracotta Museum) , must be, at the same time as a recognition to his work and to the person, an opportunity to think in key of future on the ceramics of our house. Because we must always look ahead, define new projects and build new proposals; and because it is necessary to persevere in the will to improve the ceramics of La Bisbal as the artist himself did at the time. This is his legacy and our challenge; for surely he would not forgive us for stopping on the road, for looking back, and for thinking that the work was done.

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