Foto Colectania presents Sarah Moon's most personal exhibition

His film production was a new way to continue exploring reality from the moving image, and to create new narratives that challenge the traditional perception of time and space.

Sarah Moon. The Clock, 1999
Foto Colectania presents Sarah Moon's most personal exhibition

"Photography is an instant that cannot be repeated, like existence itself" - Sarah Moon.

The Foto Colectania Foundation presents the Sarah Moon exhibition from June 20 to December 22, 2024. Time stops. The photographer's first exhibition in Barcelona.

The exhibition is a journey through the vast and enigmatic work of photographer Sarah Moon, which includes more than 80 photographs that reflect her extraordinary career from five decades ago to today, chosen by the author herself.

The exhibition fully immerses us in the creative universe of one of the most emblematic artists of contemporary photography. Sarah Moon, who already in the seventies revolutionized the images of the fashion world, has been creating an increasingly dreamlike and enigmatic universe, which is reflected both in her more personal work and in her films.

Foto Colectania presents Sarah Moon's most personal exhibition © Sarah Moon, Autoretrat

The photographer, born in France in 1941, began her career as a model in London and Paris in the sixties. However, his true passion is behind the camera. At the beginning of the seventies, she adopted the name Sarah Moon and established her own style as a photographer. His images, rather than being explicitly sensual, were mysterious and ethereal, attracting the attention of the fashion industry and collaborating with fashion houses such as Cacharel, Chanel and Dior. And although she is recognized as a fashion photographer, Sarah Moon expanded her horizons and delved into the world of cinematography.

His style departs from the traditional, with an aesthetic that is characterized by an intimate approach and an ability to capture evocative moments that are open to multiple interpretations and narratives, creating images that are like echoes of a dream world.

This exhibition is the result of a special invitation from Foto Colectania, which has given Moon "carta blanca" to realize his vision. This careful selection of works, including photographs, books and five 5 films, reveals Moon's ability to capture the essence of his subjects, regardless of nature, and the ability to transform reality through your camera


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