Stella Rahola Matutes inaugurates "The Timekeeper" at the Lluís Coromina Foundation

The exhibition is part of the exhibition of the winner of the Art and Sustainability Biennale Ricard Camí

Stella Rahola Matutes inaugurates "The Timekeeper" at the Lluís Coromina Foundation

The Espai Isern Dalmau of the Fundació Lluís Coromina will inaugurate the exhibition The Stopwatch , by Stella Rahola Matutes today, Thursday, March 14. This is the winning proposal of the first edition of the Biennial of Visual Arts Ricard Camí. An installation by the artist Stella Rahola Matutes that explores the interrelationship of humans with water, which can be analyzed both from our dependence on it, but also from the irreversible effects that human actions have caused.

La Cronometradora deploys imaginaries around water based on a proposal crossed by eco-fiction and the versatility of an essential resource that is increasingly scarce on the planet. It is an ambivalent work, a drinking source for the tap water of the Espai Isern Dalmau. A material and symbolic journey that goes from observing physical action to chemical reaction.

A work that has received the Ricard Camí Visual Arts Biennial Award, an event called by the Lluís Coromina Foundation, the Antigues Caixes Catalanes Foundation and Bonart Cultural which aims to stimulate the creation of artistic and social projects, and contribute to the promotion and projection of Catalan artists resident in Catalonia.

The inauguration will take place next Thursday, March 14 at 7 pm at the Espai Isern Dalmau in Barcelona.

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